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Suites and similar works


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The four suites op.66, op.67, op.71 and op.74 are to be understood as a transformation of the baroque dance suite into my musical language of the present. The cycles "A Day In Granada op.20b" and "A Little Diary op.65" are part of this category added because of their suite-like structure.



A Day In Granada op.20b

Part 1: Morning - Part 2: Noon - Part 3: Evening - Part 4: Night

Dateigröße: 14,1 MB





Suite #1 op.66 "Music For Ragna" 

Malinconico (Allemande) - Misterioso (Courante) - Mesto (Sarabande) - Appassionato (Passepied) - Amabile (Minuetto) - Perpetuum Snobile (Gigue)

File size: 16,4 MB




Suite #2 op.67 "La isla de la buena vida" 

Docile (Allemande) - Turbolento (Courante) - Triste (Sarabande) - Minuetto Salsado - Sfacciato ma affezionato (Gigue)

File size: 20,6 MB




Suite #3 op.71 "About And For L." 

Fantasia: Amabile - Courante: Misterioso -Sarabande I: Pensoso -Passepied: Spiritoso ma in parte sereno - Sarabande II: Canzone da pietà -Giga: Esercizio in velocità

File size: 13,7 MB




Suite #4 op.74 "Improvisations" 

Prologo: Toccatina - Allemande: Malinconico -Courante: Agitato - Sarabande: Mesto - Passepied: Ironico - Minuet: Semplice - Giga: Turbolento

File size: 27,8 MB




A Little Diary op.65

Canto semplice I - Vision I -Canto semplice II - Vision II -Canto semplice III

File size: 9 MB




The Vanished Poetry op. 26

Agitato - Choral

File size: 6,9 MB




Little Suite op.5

File size: 7,5 MB







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