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The 24 Preludes op.31 are to be understood as a related cycle consisting of short miniatures. Therefore this cycle is only available as a complete download.



24 Preludes op.31
File size: 47,4 MB




The 10 Preludes op.39 are larger than the Preludes op.31. They can be played individually or as a cycle. The 10 preludes are individually available for download.



op.39,1 Misterioso/Tragico
File size: 6,3 MB




op.39,2 Agile
File size: 3,8 MB




op.39,3 Desolante
File size: 3,6 MB




op.39,4 Oscuro
File size: 3,7 MB




op.39,5 Mistico
File size: 3,6 MB




op.39,6 Luminoso
File size: 5,2 MB




op.39,7 Dolente
File size: 6,3 MB




op.39,8 Come un segreto
File size: 4,1 MB




op.39,9 Covarendo e estatico
File size: 4,6 MB




op.39,10 Presto cinico
File size: 5,2 MB




As a whole, the Preludes, Op. 8, form a unity that is already conditioned by their complete contradictions.



2 Preludes op. 8
File size: 4,6 MB








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