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The series of poems, also large-scale works, has not yet been completed. In a certain sense, the poems have taken the place of the sonatas, the freedom of my musical development could no longer justify the title sonata. The 4th poem is a fantasy about the Catalan folk song "Quan vagues a la Ribera", the 6th poem is developed from a single interval, the fifth and the 2nd is a dialogue of extremes.



Poem #1 op.38
"Death Doesn't Know About Blood And Tears"

File size: 16,9 MB




Poem #4 op.52
Fantasia sobre "Quan vages a la Ribera"

File size: 17,1 MB




Poem #6 op.64

File size: 22,2 MB




Poem #2 op.42

File size: 15,7 MB




Poem #3 op.51

File size: 16,6 MB





Virtual Life (Poem #9) op.77

File size: 87,5 MB






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