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CD's or USB sticks


I have recorded some of my works and offer the following CD's for sale:

(The individual CD's are also available as USB sticks on request.)



Piano Concertos #3 and #4, Diary Entries and Piano Sonata #9

1-3: Piano Concerto #3 op.49
4-7: Piano Concerto #4 op.79
8-10: Diary Entries op.80
Piano Sonata #9 op.28
Dauer: 78'36"" min


The 10 Sonatas & Poems #7 op.73 'Dance Of Death' and '8 op.75(2 CD's)

CD 1:
Sonata #1 op.2
Sonata #2 op.4
Sonata #3 op.6
Sonata #4 op.7
Sonata #5 op.12
Sonata #6 op.16
Poem #7 op.73 'Dance Of Death'

Duration: 75'15" min

CD 2:
Sonata #7 op.18
Sonata #8 op.22
Sonata #9 op.28
Sonata #10 op.36
Poem #8 op.75

Duration: 71'33" min


The 10 Poems (2 CD's)

CD 1:
Poem #1 op.38 'Death Doesn't Know About Blood And Tears'
Poem #2 op.42 'Dialogue Of The Sexes'
Poem #3 op.51
Poem #4 op.52 Fantasia sobre 'Quan vages a la Ribera'
Poem #5 op.54 'Dance Of The Witches'

Duration: 49'52" min

CD 2:
Poem #6 op.64 'Exercise In Discovering A Dream'
Poem #7 'Dance Of Death' op.73
Poem #8 op.75
Poem #9 op.77 'Virtual Life'
Poem #10 op.78 'Triads & Seventh Chords'

Duration 51'58" min


Preludes & Etudes

Prelude op.39,1 Misterioso
Prelude op.39,2 Agile
Prelude op.39,3 Desolante
Prelude op.39,4 Oscuro
Prelude op.39,5 Mistico
Prelude op.39,6 Luminoso
Prelude op.39,7 Dolente
Prelude op.39,8 Come un segreto
Prelude op.39,9 Covarendo e estatico
Prelude op.39,10 Presto cinco

24 Preludes op.31

Etude op.23,1
Etude op.23,2
Etude op.23,3
Etude op.23,4
Etude op.23,5
Etude op.23,6

2 Preludes op.8

Duration: 71'36" min


Suites and simlilar works

A Day in Granada op.20
Suite #1 op.66
Suite #2 op.67
Suite #3 op.71
Suite #4 op.74
A Little Diary op.65

Duration: 75'29'' min


Cançons populars catalanes (2 CD's)

CD 1:
1. Book op.53
2. Book op.55
3. Book op.56
4. Book op.57

Duration: 70'26" min

CD 2:
5. Book op.59
6. Book op.61
7. Book op.62
Poem #4 op.52 'Fantasia sobre Quan vages a la Ribera'

Duration: 72'42" min


Price per CD or USB-Stick on request, the price is to be understood as a contribution to expenses.
Please order by e-mail: Johannes Rövenstrunck, tux@jorov.org



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